How To Write Effective High-Pressure Water Valve Maintenance Policies

Preventive maintenance leads to a prolonged life for your high-pressure water valve system. You'll save money with fewer part replacement costs. Writing preventive maintenance policies is an important step in the process.

Preventive-Valve-Maintenance-blog3.jpgWhat should you include in your policy? Start with the OEM guidelines. But, for more crucial information, include recommendations from your maintenance employees. Who better to tell you what you need than those with hands-on experience working on the valves? They understand the intricacies of your particular high-pressure water valve better than anyone.

The OEM may recommend that you replace a valve’s rod seals every three years. But, the workers can tell you that those seals failed after only two years and they had to rebuild the valve. They could suggest a modification that provides a shorter service interval. Or, the OEM may recommend replacing an industrial valve piston every two years. But, your maintenance workers might know that that specific piston can last up to four years.

A good program prescribes a valve service schedule based on its operating conditions and performance history. Effective preventive maintenance procedures must include:

• The intervals for service
• A list of required parts to complete the service
• Any required special tools
• Lockout/tagout requirements
• Step-by-step instructions for performing the required task
• Bonus: Photos or video footage outlining the steps of the preventive procedure.

After establishing the procedures, train all maintenance employees to ensure consistent practices. All services will become part of the high-pressure water valve’s permanent record. For each service, be sure to document the following:

• The person performing the service
• The date
• Any relevant notes

Find out more about transitioning to a high-pressure water valve preventive maintenance program by downloading our white paper, "Realizing the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Hydraulic Valves".

Preventive Valve Maintenance