Hunt Valve’s New Proportional Poppet Descale Valve

Living with the cost and damage of water hammer is a necessary evil when running a plant, right? No more with Hunt Valve's new pcontrol-valve2_200.jpgroportional poppet valves, which are outfitted with electronically monitored proportional control valve technology. Since you're practically eliminating the need to constantly repair pipes and nozzles, this new poppet valve technology cuts your operational cost in half and extends the valve's service life by as much as five times!

Fight Water Hammer

If you manage a steel mill, then you know how damaging persistent water hammer can be to high-pressure piping systems. In fact, water hammer often leads to burst pipes, cracked welds and descale header damage. Hunt Valve's proportional poppet descale valve eliminates water hammer with proportional stroke conwater-hammer-damage.jpgtrol. The valve incorporates electromechanical actuation to precisely control the metering poppet’s speed and position, which gets rid of water hammer and provides maintenance-free, reliable operation in the toughest, dirtiest systems.


Utilizing a variable stroke profile enables one valve to perform multiple operations such as descale header control and header prefill functions. One valve does it all without requiring additional prefill control valves or pressure breakdown orifices.

Getting rid of water hammer results in big savings. “By replacing all fast-closing poppet valves in a descale system with our proportional poppet design and eliminating water hammer, you can save up to $250,000 a year in replacement costs for damaged descale headers and pipes,” explained Tim Pulcini, Hunt Valve’s business development representative. “This helps reduce annual plant operating costs for descale valves and piping by as much as 50 percent and decreases unexpected downtime in the plant.”

Extend Service Life

Of course, durability is key to a long service life. To manage the high-velocity fluid flow created by the valve’s slow rate of closure, the proportional poppet descale valve has ceramic seating surfaces that prevent wear from the fluid flow. The full ceramic seat is up to five times more durable than conventional seat materials such as heat-treated stainless steel, which maximizes the valve’s useful service life. No other industrial valve manufacturer offers ceramic wear protection at this level.

Simplify Maintenance

If want to simplify maintenance at your mill, then the proportional poppet valve is the perfect product for you. Its electromechanical linear actuator avoids the maintenance and reliability issues commonly associated with all types of media-actuated valves. Unlike traditional poppet valves that use dirty descale water as a hydraulic media to shift the main valve, our proportional poppet valve actuator is not a wetted part and is completely isolated from the descale water. Since it uses an electrical actuator, it eliminates the moisture and contamination problems associated with pneumatic actuation.

Avoid Warranty Issues

Whether you’re an OEM builder or an end user, the proportional poppet valve offers amazing warranty benefits. For OEM builders, this valve helps you provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and avoid warranty issues after installation and start-up. However, if a failure occurs during this extended timeframe, we’ve got you covered. Because of the valve’s exceptional durability, we can offer this extended warranty, enabling you to pass this benefit along to your customer.

Our extended warranty also assures aftermarket customers that the valve technology will deliver a significantly longer service life than traditional poppet valves, resulting in significant maintenance cost savings over the life of the valve.

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