Trust Hunt Valve’s Descale Valve Remanufacturing for Long-Term Reliability

When your severe-service descale valve needs to be repaired or reconditioned, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is your best bet. Why? Because the OEM is in the best position to remanufacture the valve to ensure continuous, reliable performance.

Hunt Valve now offers reliable remanufacturing services on the company’s plunger-style descale valve designs that need repair or reconditioning. As the Experts in Extreme Engineering, we remanufacture your valve and upgrade it to the latest design version with the newestHunt-Valve-Descale-Valve-Mega-Flow-B_2_PR.jpg technology, further improving its durability and maximizing its useful life.

Before performing any service, we analyze how the constraints of your component and system may impact the long-term performance of the valve and make any required tweaks—including adding stainless steel cladding or specialty ceramic coatings.

On-Site Service Contracts

In addition to full factory remanufacturing services, Hunt Valve offers on-site valve inspection and basic rebuilding to replace seals or any other worn components. When performed on an annual basis, the on-site service contract is far less costly than a run-to-failure strategy that requires removing the valve for factory rebuilding.

Our service contracts include full inspection reports so that you can monitor your valve’s condition and remaining service life to predict when removal for factory rebuilding or full valve replacement is needed.

Cost-Saving Replacement Products

At the time of valve replacement, we offer additional cost-saving replacement products to our industrial and military customers, including:

  • Plunger-style descale valve: With a unique sliding plunger design, the Mega-Flo B Descale Valve has become the most versatile and easy-to-maintain valve on the market. This fast-acting, smooth-shifting valve consistently provides high-pressure water when needed. The valve’s inherent wear-resistant design, stringent material specification and quality manufacturing procedures ensure a long service life in the most demanding high-pressure environments.

  • Proportional poppet descale valve: The proportional poppet valve for descaling applications lasts three to five times longer than traditional poppet valves. This valve’s ceramic technology optimizes the component’s useful service life and eliminates pilot shifting. Minimizing the effects of water hammer and system shock, the proportional poppet descale valve promotes safety, reduces annual operating costs and decreases unscheduled downtime in the plant. To see this valve in action at your plant, take advantage of our special trial offer for qualifying customers.

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