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Posted March 21, 2017

Breakthrough Descale Valve Technology: Advanced Ceramic Materials

Hunt Valve is leading the way in innovation in the descale valve industry. It’s newest products, namely the Ceramic Proportional Poppet Valve and the Mega-Flo C Plunger Valve, feature advanced ceramic materials in key components of these valves. The ceramic technology makes these the longest lasting descale valves by a long shot over any other valves (up to five times longer for the poppet valve and up to three...

Posted March 14, 2017

New State of the Art Descale Valve Options Reduce Costs for Steel Mills

Our engineers have been working diligently over the past year, refining our proven descale technology to deliver the highest level of durability and reliability of any descale valve in the world. The result is a complete spectrum of descale valve options that help you reduce operating costs for steel producers.

Posted March 07, 2017

Make Your Job Easier with the Breakthrough Mega-Flo C Descale Plunger Valve


What matters to you when it comes to descale valves? Cost savings are key, but that’s not the only consideration. Time and hassle are just as important. When you can save on all three, you’ve hit a descale trifecta. We built our new Mega-Flo C plunger valve to address those three issues.

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