Hunt Valve: Selecting High-Pressure Water Valves For Hydraulic Systems

If you’re an experienced engineer, you know how important it is to plan ahead when creating circuit Selecting_Right_Valve_blog1_updatedesigns. This is especially vital when designing a hydraulic or pneumatic circuit and selecting high-pressure water valves. If you take the time to analyze the application parameters and select the right components during the initial design process, you’ll save yourself a lot of grief. Plus, you’ll have a better chance of maximizing the safety, useful life and overall efficiency of your hydraulic or pneumatic system.
Of course, moving water at high pressure through valves and other system components presents several unique challenges. Understanding the full range of your system’s operating parameters will help you select the best high-pressure water valve for your hydraulic system and overcome these challenges. Here’s the best process for defining your design parameters:
1. Define system function: Clearly establish what job the system will need to accomplish and define associated parameters.
• Closed-loop water hydraulic system: Establish required tonnage to perform the desired function. Then, you can define system pressure, cycle frequency and operating temperature.
• Open-ended water hydraulic systems: Define pressure, cycle frequency, and temperature. Also, determine the required flow rate, velocity, and consistency of the flow media.
2. Consider pressure drop: Pressure drop is the difference in pressure measured before and after the valve. Different types of valves will produce different pressure drops since pressure drop is affected by the size of the orifice and the flow path through the valve. As flow rate increases, so does the pressure drop associated with the valve. Conversely, a decrease in flow rate will result in a lowered pressure drop. Industrial valve manufacturers typically publish the pressure drops for their valves, which can be especially helpful to hydraulic system designers.
Defining these operating parameters ahead of time will help you on your journey to finding the perfect high-pressure water valve for your hydraulic system.
To learn more about industrial valve selection for high-pressure applications, click the button below to download "Selecting the Right Valve for High-Pressure Water Applications."

How to Select the Right High-Pressure Water Valve

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