Restoring Your Descale Valve: A Deeper Dive into Remanufacturing

In an environment as harsh and rugged as a rolling steel mill, your descale valve is going to need repairs at some point, especially if you haven’t replaced or upgraded your valve in several years. And, with many steel plants using a run-to-failure strategy, chances are simple repairs won’t be enough. You’ll need to remanufacture your valves.

In a previous post, we explained that it's best to have the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) perform the remanufacturing. Especially with Hunt valves, we understand better than anyone the correct tolerances and materials to rebuild the valve so that it performs like new. We also consider how your component and system affect the long-term performance of the component.

The Remanufacturing Process

We know that remanufacturing restores your valve to perform like new and extends its service life. But, what does the remanufacturing process actually include? We want to take a deeper dive into the process. Here are the steps we take:

  1. Our experienced engineers evaluate your descale valve and determine the root cause of any excessive wear remanufacturing.jpgor damage, considering its design and your system limitations.
  2. We disassemble the valve and clean all of the components.
  3. This is followed by a dimensional inspection on all parts and nondestructive testing on pressure boundary components.
  4. Our engineers review the results to determine the scope of work to restore the valve to new condition.
  5. Worn parts are replaced and higher value components (such as housings) are machined and welded to extend the service life.
  6. The valve is reassembled and engineers perform the same tests they do for a new valve.

Our remanufactured descale valves can extend the life of the valve to that of a new similar valve. And, we include a full warranty.

By prolonging the service lives of our valves, we save you money and time by reducing your downtime and maintenance costs. We have decades of descale valve expertise to come up with the best solution for you. Contact us to learn more about our remanufacturing process or to set up an on-site inspection of your valve.

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