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Posted February 14, 2017

How to Determine Tolerable Amounts of Descale Valve Leakage

If you take the time to properly design and configure your high-pressure water hydraulic system, then valve leakage should be minimal. The first step to managing this issue is understanding the difference between internal and external leaks. Some leakage may be inevitable and tolerable within a descale valve system.

Posted February 07, 2017

External vs. Internal Hydraulic Valve Leakage: What You Need to Know

If you oversee hydraulic system in your steel plant, you may have heard leaks are inevitable. The truth is that leaks are only inevitable if your system has a poor designed or isn't maintained. This leakage saps your facility’s efficiency, increases costs and can lead to dangerous conditions.
Posted January 31, 2017

Four Ways to Maximize Your Valve Preventive Maintenance Program

When it comes to golf, your swing will make or break your success. Players constantly analyze their swings for ways to improve. Many times it comes down to their follow through. And, it's not just golf. Follow through is important in many sports. In basketball, jump shooters focus on their follow through, as do quarterbacks in football. What does this have to do with high-pressure water valves? Just like in the...

Posted January 24, 2017

How To Write Effective High-Pressure Water Valve Maintenance Policies

Preventive maintenance leads to a prolonged life for your high-pressure water valve system. You'll save money with fewer part replacement costs. Writing preventive maintenance policies is an important step in the process. What should you include in your policy? Start with the OEM guidelines. But, for more crucial information, include recommendations from your maintenance employees. Who better to tell you what you...

Posted January 17, 2017

Avoid Risk With a Hydraulic Valve Preventive Maintenance Program

Downtime will happen. But, will it be on your terms, or will it be a late night call from a production supervisor alerting you of a problem? Failures (even from single components) in a hydraulic system can lead to productivity loss. Worse yet, it can even threaten the safety of workers, the public and the environment.  A preventive maintenance program mitigates these risks. The program establishes scheduled...

Posted January 10, 2017

3 Ways to Maintain High-Pressure Water Valves to Avoid Disaster

No one plans to fail. But we do often fail to plan.

So it goes, even in the world of industrial valve maintenance—and we’re talking specifically about high performance valves used in extreme or harsh conditions. Any failure of a single component in a hydraulic system can lead to a loss of productivity and threaten the safety of workers, the public and the environment.

Posted January 03, 2017

Top 5 Materials for High-Pressure Water Valve Seals, Gaskets and Packing

When it comes to designing high-pressure hydraulic circuits, materials matter. In fact, the materials of construction you choose for your high-pressure water valves have a long-term impact on the performance of the valve as well as the overall hydraulic system. 

Posted December 27, 2016

Top 5 Materials for High-Pressure Water Valve Bodies, Seats and Spools

Designing a high-pressure water hydraulic circuit is no easy task. So far, you’ve invested the time in specifying your system parameters, considering the flow media, pressure and flow velocity. And you’ve analyzed the additives flowing through your hydraulic circuit and consulted your material incompatibility charts to see how they might interact over the long run.Now you’re ready to begin construction and select...

Posted December 20, 2016

How to Prepare For the Worst When Choosing Your High-Pressure Water Valve Material

High-pressure water hydraulic systems have been around for centuries. Developed in the late 1700s, the first systems were used to harness the power-generating potential of water—an application that is still very popular today. Over the years, high-pressure water hydraulic systems have evolved into a variety of applications in the manufacturing, mining and drilling industries.

Posted December 13, 2016

Hunt Valve Helps You Select the Right Valve for Your High-Pressure Application in Valve World Magazine

Valve selection is never a “one-size-fits-all” process. Any engineer who has designed a hydraulic or pneumatic circuit knows that selecting the right components during the initial design process will alleviate a lot of headaches down the road. System safety, useful life and overall efficiency can be greatly improved by understanding the full range of the system’s operating parameters. This is certainly the case...

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