New State of the Art Descale Valve Options Reduce Costs for Steel Mills

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Our engineers have been working diligently over the past year, refining our proven descale technology to deliver the highest level of durability and reliability of any descale valve in the world. The result is a complete spectrum of descale valve options that help you reduce operating costs for steel producers.

We achieved the performance advancements of our Ceramic Seated Proportional Poppet descale valve (CSPV®) and Mega-Flo C® descale valve designs by utilizing a combination of component design, actuation and material upgrades. These design changes are specifically targeted to combat wear, improve durability, improve reliability and reduce the effects of water hammer/shock in the system. All of which provide the user with ongoing cost savings of 30%-50% when compared to similar valve technology currently being utilized.

Advanced Materials for Industry Leading Durability

The design intent for our engineers was not to reinvent the wheel, but to deliver a real cost savings to our users through sound proven technology. When studying severe service valve technology commonly used outside our core industry (steel mill descaling), we notice that other industries, such as oil & gas and petrochemical, also have demanding applications requiring control of high-pressure erosive fluids in harsh environments. In these demanding applications, valve manufacturers commonly utilize ceramics in the form of coatings or solid ceramic components to withstand the abuse. These applications include throttling high pressure, gritty liquids and gasses in very erosive oil and gas production applications. Further investigation shows that advanced ceramic materials have been successfully applied to demanding control valve applications for the past thirty years making it a very well established technology.

Valve Actuation for Control and Reliability

Until now, most descale valves built over the past 100 years have been actuated by one of the following: pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic actuated via internal system pressure. While all of these methods of actuation get the job done, they all have their respective maintenance and reliability issues to contend with, not to mention the costs associated with maintaining a separate hydraulic power unit or running a compressor. And, with the exception of oil hydraulic actuation, variable speed actuation is not readily available. To address all of these issues, we again looked outside of our industry and noticed that electro-mechanical actuation is a proven technology that delivers the precision variable speed control we need. It also eliminates the reliability, maintenance and operating costs of the other methods. Electro-mechanical actuation is commonly utilized in critical applications, such as Aerospace and increasingly in naval applications due to its rugged design, reliability and virtually maintenance-free operation.

The Lowest Descale Valve Total Cost of Ownership By Design       

The design intent of our descale valve refinements is to deliver technology that provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of any descale valve on the market. The TCO for a descale valve includes the initial purchase price, ongoing maintenance costs (including spare parts and re-manufacturing), downtime for maintenance, and profit loss due to surface quality issues with the steel that users are producing. The TCO of Hunt's descale valve products is 30%-50% lower than all other respective poppet or plunger descale valve designs on the market.

The Final Result - State of the Art Descale Valve Technology for Steel Producers.

Hunt CSPV® - Ceramic Proportional Poppet Descale Technology

The Hunt CSPV® is the world’s first full ceramic seated descale valve. This design provides the highest durability and lowest TCO of any descale poppet style valve. It also offers its proportional stroke control capability that reduces water hammer and shock in the piping.  The valve addresses the reliability and maintenance issues common to all media actuated valves.

Major steel production facilities in the United States and India have made the decision to upgrade their systems with the CSPV® due to its cost saving benefits.

The servo-driven actuator design eliminates the maintenance issues with hydraulic and pneumatic actuated valves. The CSPV® is furnished complete with a plug-and-play control panel for easy installation and operation.

Hunt “Mega-Flo C” Ceramic Plunger Descale Technology

In addition to the CSPV® poppet descale valve, our engineers have released the latest evolution of our proven plunger descale valve technology, the “Mega-Flo C®”. The “Mega-Flo C®” descale valve incorporates advanced ceramics to increase the durability of typical wear areas. It also features the implementation of a field replaceable housing liner which significantly increases the durability of the housing. The upgrades to our plunger valve technology provide a cost savings of up to 33% TCO savings over the first three years of service and up to 50% savings on future maintenance costs thereafter when compared to other manufacturers' plunger valves.

"Mega-Flo C” Ceramic Plunger Descale Technology with Integral Header Prefill

In addition to a 50% reduction in maintenance costs, we have released a servo-actuated version of our plunger descale valve design with integral prefill functionality. The integral prefill orifice design has been successfully applied in descale header prefill applications for over 20 years. The addition of a servo actuator now provides precision control of the stroke for three distinct operational modes: OFF, PREFILL and DESCALE. The servo-driven integral prefill design eliminates the expense and headache of maintaining separate header prefill control valves, breakdown orifices, check valves and filters for the prefill function, as well as the maintenance issues with hydraulic and pneumatic actuation. The valve is furnished complete with a plug-and-play control panel for easy installation and operation.

The CSPV® and Mega-Flo C Descale Valves have a three-year warranty. Click here to request more information about these breakthrough valves or to request a quote.

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