Hunt Valve: Industrial Valve Leakage Article Lands on Cover of Plant Engineering

As the Experts in Extreme Engineering, we know how damaging a poorly designed or maintained hydraulic system can be. In fact, industrial valve leakage is known to decrease efficiency, increase costs and expose employees to potentially harmful conditions. If you’re a plant or maintenance engineer, the last thing you need is your high-pressure water valves leaking profits out of your plant.

ValvesTo help you do a better job of managing leakage in hydraulic-valve design, Hunt Valve published an article in the May issue of Plant Engineering. Read this cover article to better understand risk tolerances while exploring ways to design the most efficient high-pressure hydraulic system.

The article is designed to help you minimize valve leakage in your hydraulic system through optimized industrial valve selection and positioning. Check out the article to:

* Discover the differences between unintentional internal and external leakage.

* Review two important industry standards for leakage tolerance.

* Find the perfect industrial valve for your process.

* Learn how to operate a valve within its recommended design parameters.

* Review recommendations for industrial valve maintenance.

This valuable resource is beneficial for any plant or maintenance engineer who wants to increase efficiency, decrease costs and protect workers in the plant.

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