Hunt Valve’s Proportional Poppet Descale Valve Named Plant Engineering Product of the Year Finalist

For nearly 30 years, Plant Engineering’s readers have been selecting innovative products that help them work smarter, safer and more efficiently. This year, Hunt Valve has made it to the finals! 2016_POYfinalistG_lowres.jpg

Our proportional poppet descale valve was named a 2016 Product of the Year Finalist for its ability to control water hammer, operate for an extended service life and simplify maintenance. We’re very excited to be among eight finalists in the fluid handling category, boasting a product that delivers the costs savings and performance metrics needed to compete in today’s industrial manufacturing market.

Here’s how our proportional poppet descale valve helps you do your job better:
1.    It helps fight water hammer. The valve incorporates electromechanical actuation to precisely control the metering poppet’s speed and position, which eliminates water hammer and provides maintenance-free, reliable operation in the dirtiest systems. Utilizing a variable stroke profile enables one valve to perform multiple operations such as descale header control and header prefill functions.
By replacing all fast-closing poppet valves with the proportional poppet design and eliminating water hammer, plant managers can save up to $250,000 a year in replacement costs for damaged descale headers/pipes—reducing annuproportional-poppet-descale-valve.jpgal plant operating costs by as much as 50% and decreasing unexpected downtime.

2.    It’s designed to maximize your valve’s service life. To manage the high-velocity fluid flow, the valve has ceramic seating surfaces that prevent wear. The full ceramic seat is up to five times more durable than conventional seat materials (e.g., heat-treated stainless steel), which maximizes the valve’s service life. No other industrial valve manufacturer offers this level of ceramic wear protection.

3.    It simplifies maintenance. The valve’s electromechanical linear actuator avoids the maintenance and reliability issues commonly associated with all types of media-actuated valves. Unlike traditional poppet valves that use dirty descale water as a hydraulic media to shift the main valve, the poppet valve’s actuator is not a wetted part and is completely isolated from the descale water. Since it uses an electrical actuator, it eliminates the moisture/contamination problems associated with pneumatic actuation.

4.    It helps you avoid warranty issues. This valve helps OEM builders deliver superior customer satisfaction and avoid warranty issues after installation/start-up. Not only are valve failures covered during the extended timeframe but the extended warranty benefits are also passed along to the OEM’s customer. Aftermarket users enjoy a significantly longer service life and reduced maintenance costs.

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