Hunt Valve Releases the Longest Lasting Descale Valve Available

Higher-durability valves deliver continuous production, minimal downtime and cost savings

Mega-Flo-C Descale Valve Figure 1: Hunt Valve’s Mega-Flo “C” Plunger Style descale valve (click to view the high-res image).

Hunt Valve, a fluid power engineering company specializing in severe-duty valves and components, has released a new descale valve that delivers two to three times longer service life than any other plunger-style descale valve. The new Mega-Flo “C” plunger-style descale valve incorporates the world’s most advanced ceramic materials for reliable, continuous production with the least amount of downtime at rolling mills.

“With the latest material and design upgrades, we’re able to help customers realize a 33% reduction in the total cost of ownership for descale valves,” explained Brad Sterner, Hunt Valve’s president and CEO. “The ceramic technology we use for the Mega-Flo ‘C’ is virtually unbreakable, harder than steel, incredibly resistant to corrosion and wear, and ten times more durable than conventional valve materials.”

Additionally, the Mega-Flo “C” has an upgraded ceramic housing liner that can now be replaced in the field. This saves the downtime of sending the liner out to the manufacturer to be repaired.

State-of-the-Art Mega-Flo “C” Plunger Valve for Demanding Descaling Applications

The Mega-Flo “C” takes advantage of Hunt’s 97 years of plunger-style descale valves engineering expertise combined with the world’s toughest ceramic materials to elevate the already outstanding descale technology performance to make it the longest lasting descale valve available.

“Hunt Valve’s descale spray valve is unique due to our radial ported plunger design,” Sterner explained. “Our difference from other standard poppet valves and all other plunger designs is the time the seals are exposed to the valve water flow. It’s only exposed for one to two seconds during shifting unlike poppet seats which are directly exposed during the whole cycle – up to 60 seconds. Also, our valves feature staggered flow slots that provide gradual flow acceleration and deceleration during plunger shifting to prevent water hammer damage. This promotes safety, reduces annual operating costs and decreases unscheduled downtime in the plant.”

Mega-Flo “C” Available in a Cartridge Upgrade for Your Existing Installation

Hunt Valve’s new Mega-Flo “C” descale cartridge upgrade capability enables steel producers to extend the service life of their existing valve installation, making the cost to upgrade similar to competitors’ charges to repair the old technology. Customers with the Mega-Flo “A” or “B” plunger descale valves can upgrade their existing installations by simply replacing the old-style cartridge with a Mega-Flo “C” cartridge since it is built to drop in to the existing valve housings for a quick and easy field upgrade. It offers the benefits of the Mega-Flo “C” ceramic performance enhancements without having to replace the entire valve and results in a 40% cost savings versus purchasing a complete new valve.

Complete Descale Solutions Product Suite to Suit All User Applications and Preferences

Hunt Valve offers a complete product suite of descale control valves and ancillary descale system products to suit every customer preference and application goal.

Our complete descale product suite includes:

  • Mega-Flo “C” Plunger-Style Descale Valve: Two to three times longer service life than competitors new or remanufactured plunger-style valves resulting in a 33% reduction in the total cost of ownership over a three-year operating cycle for the initial purchase then a 50% reduction in maintenance costs thereafter.
  • Mega-Flo “C” Plunger-Style Cartridge Assembly: Upgrade package for existing Mega-Flo “A” or “B” plunger valve installations with a 40% savings over the cost of purchasing a complete valve.
  • Ceramic Proportional Poppet (CPP) Valve: Three to five times longer service life than standard poppet valves, reduced shock/water hammer, integral prefill and elimination of media pilot system maintenance resulting in a 25% lower total cost of ownership versus competitors’ standard poppet descale valve.
  • Ceramic Proportional Poppet Cartridge: Upgrade package which includes plug and play controls for your existing standard poppet valve installation with a 25% savings over purchasing complete new proportional poppet valve
  • Standard Metal Seat Poppet Descale Valve: Lowest initial cost option for drop-in replacement of existing basic poppet installations.
  • Ancillary Descale Products: Complete array of products including pump bypass valves, accumulator level control valves, pressure breakdown orifices, header prefill valves, strainers and isolation valves.

To learn more about Hunt’s descale product suite and other hydraulic equipment for steel and aluminum production, visit Hunt Valve’s product webpages.

About Hunt Valve

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