Hunt Valve Releases Directional Control Valves for Steel and Aluminum Markets

Hunt Valve, a fluid power engineering company specializing in severe-duty valves and components, has released directional control valves that offer the hydraulic directional control and long-term dependability required for steel and aluminum production. From pump unloading to coil handling, these rugged valves are ideal for a variety of low-viscosity applications due to their zero-leakage design and ease of maintenance.


directional control valve Figure 1: Hunt Valve’s directional control valve



“The biggest challenge with low-viscosity directional control applications is controlling corrosion, minimizing internal leakage and providing long-term durability,” explained Brad Sterner, Hunt Valve’s president and CEO. “To optimize these applications, we incorporated corrosion-resistant materials and a zero-leakage design, which are ideal for service on low-viscosity media such as raw water and 95/5. Their exceptional durability is vital to mill managers who lack the resources and manpower needed to perform maintenance on a frequent basis.”

In addition to their zero-leakage and low-maintenance benefits, Hunt Valve’s directional control valves are designed with engineered sealing materials that deliver years of maintenance-free service. Plus, the company’s special ceramic spool pilot valve eliminates the fine filtration requirements that are associated with spool-type pilot valves manufactured from traditional stainless steels.

Hunt Valve manufactures both spool- and poppet-type directional control valves to suit various application-specific requirements:

• The Combo valveTM is a spool-type valve that incorporates an NFPA mounting interface and is designed to interface with the company’s mod-stack cartridge valves to provide a complete system solution for other functions such as flow control, pressure relief, pressure reducing, check and isolation.

• The MVO34 is a rugged hollow bore plunger valve that has been used in steel and aluminum applications for over 75 years. Its rugged plunger design is capable of operating in extremely dirty applications where filtration is minimal.

• The HPP poppet directional control valve utilizes zero-leakage seat technology that is controlled via a ceramic spool pilot valve for the ultimate in reliability. The dirt tolerance of the ceramic spool pilot eliminates the need for fine filtration.

Visit Hunt Valve’s industrial valve product page to learn more about proprietary and build-to-print valves for critical service and industrial manufacturing applications.

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