Hunt Valve Publishes Guide to Minimizing Leakage and Preventive Maintenance in Flow Control

As discussed in Part 1 of this High-Pressure Water Valve Selection article series in Flow Control, designing a high-pressure water hydraulic system is no easy task. It requires careful planning and product selection. First, you should choose the proper high-pressure water valve design as well as the valve’s optimal configuration. Then, you must select the appropriate materials of construction for the valves and valve components based on the corrosion level, temperature FlowControl_EngineersGuide_Part2_ArticlePlacement_blog.pngand pressure of the application.

Once you have your ideal valve and materials of construction, you should take steps to minimize leakage and ensure the reliable performance of your high-pressure hydraulic system. Part 2 will discuss best practices for managing industrial valve leakage and implementing a superior preventive maintenance program.

Read the article to learn how to:
•    Minimize industrial valve leakage by
      o    Defining internal vs. external leakage
      o    Reviewing industry standards for leakage tolerance
      o    Selecting the right valve and setting it up for success
•    Realize the benefits of preventive maintenance by
     o    Gaining staff buy-in with a proactive approach
     o    Building a solid foundation with an equipment database
      o    Writing effective preventive maintenance procedures

Planning ahead for valve selection, leakage and maintenance will help ensure the long-term safety and reliable performance of your high-pressure hydraulic system.Request a valve product quote