Hunt Valve Offers Rapid, Reliable Remanufacturing Services

Hunt Valve (, a fluid power engineering company specializing in severe-duty valves and components, now offers reliable remanufacturing services on the company’s industrial valve products that require repair or reconditioning. Hunt Valve’s remanufacturing technology helps plant and maintenance engineers extend the value and useful life of their industrial valves.

“For severe-service components and critical application hardware, the best way to ensure that your product performs reliably is to have it remanufactured by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM),” explained Brad Sterner, Hunt Valve’s president and CEO. “At Hunt Valve, we use advanced manufacturing technology to remanufacture your valve and maximize its useful life. As the OEM, we understand how the limitations of your component and system may impact the long-term performance of the component.”remanufacturing valve

Authorized Repair and Full Warranty Provided

Hunt Valve’s rapid remanufacturing services include:

  • One-year factory warranty
  • Price match guarantee v. local service
  • Unique designs for drop-in replacement
  • Low-cost custom solutions for unique plant requirements

Hunt Valve can quickly remanufacture its valves to like-new condition with a full warranty, extending the value and useful life of the product. The company’s extended warranty is far greater than many local repair shops that do not offer any warranty.

On-Site Service Contracts Available

For manufacturing facilities that do not have a large maintenance crew available, plant or maintenance engineers may prefer to have their valves rebuilt on site during scheduled maintenance outages. “We offer on-site service contracts for rebuilding valves during scheduled outages for added convenience,” explained Sterner. “While we’re at your facility, we’ll let you know if additional parts are needed, if the valve needs to be sent back to the factory for additional work or if the valve must be replaced.”

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About Hunt Valve

Hunt Valve brings decades of fluid power engineering innovations and solutions to a wide range of industrial and military customers. It specializes in severe-duty valves and complementary engineered components and system solutions for applications that include primary metals (steel, aluminum), energy (nuclear, hydro, downstream oil & gas), process (chemical) and U.S. Navy nuclear-powered vessels, including all submarines and carriers in operation as well as the Virginia Class, Ford Class and soon-to-be-in-production Ohio Replacement. To learn more about the Experts in Extreme Engineering, visit

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