Hunt Valve Highlights How to Avoid Water Hammer Problems in Valve Magazine

ValveMagazine_WaterHammer_article.pngWater hammer, high-velocity fluid flow and contaminated hydraulic media are among the worst enemies of high-pressure hydraulic systems. The loud banging and excessive noise associated with water hammer are especially disturbing to plant and maintenance engineers. Why? Because water hammer forces can be very destructive in high-pressure descaling applications.

At steel mills, persistent water hammer in high-pressure piping systems often leads to burst pipes, cracked welds and descale header damage. In some cases, control valves have even exploded due to water hammer.

To help you avoid the damaging effects of water hammer in high-pressure descaling systems, Hunt Valve published Avoid Water Hammer Problems in High-Pressure Hydraulic Systems in Valve Magazine. Read the article to:

Discover the underlying causes of water hammer.
  • Explore the long-term effects of persistent water hammer forces.
  • Find out how controlling valve closure time minimizes water hammer.
  • Learn how proportional poppet valve designs incorporate ceramic seat surfaces to enable reliable operation over extended periods.
  • Discover how the proportional poppet valve’s special metering nose profile controls flow and pressure with precision.
     Applying the recommendations from this article will help you reduce annual operating and replacement costs at your plant.

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