Hunt Valve Helps You Select the Right Valve for Your High-Pressure Application in Valve World Magazine

Valve selection is never a “one-size-fits-all” process. Any engineer who has designed a hydraulic or pneumatic circuit knows that selecting the right components during the initial design process will alleviate a lot of headaches down the road. System safety, useful lValveWorldMagazine_SelectingRightValve_Nov2016.pngife and overall efficiency can be greatly improved by understanding the full range of the system’s operating parameters. This is certainly the case when selecting valves for high-pressure water systems.

In light of the above, Hunt Valve has published recommendations for choosing the right high-pressure water valves during the design phase. Check out the November 2016 issue of Valve World Magazine to read “Selecting the right valve for high-pressure water applications” and learn:

•    Several methods for establishing the operating parameters for high-pressure valves.
•    How to use operating parameters to select the best valve for high-pressure water applications.
•    Common configurations for two of the most popular valves for high-pressure water hydraulics.

Learn even more  about high pressure water valve including how to prevent leakage and tips for preventive maintenance by downloading our "High Pressure Water Valve Selection and Maintenance Handbook."

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