Hunt Valve Explains Why Industrial Valve Materials Matter in Applied Automation

Applied AutomationWhen specifying the components of a water hydraulics system, the valve experts at Hunt Valve know how extensive planning and analysis are required for long-term safety and reliability. Few would argue that valve selection is of critical importance. However, a key aspect of valve selection is understanding how the materials used in a valve will impact the performance of the valve as well as the overall high-pressure hydraulic system. If you’re a plant or maintenance engineer, you can’t afford to rush this decision or leave it up to chance.

To help you do a better job of selecting industrial valve materials, Hunt Valve published an article in the June issue of Applied Automation, a supplement to Plant Engineering and Control Engineering. Read "Choosing the Proper Valve Material"  to better understand how corrosion, temperature, pressure, wear and cost will impact your choice of materials.

Check out the article to:

* Review basic operating parameters for water-based hydraulic circuits.
* Learn how to plan ahead for valve incompatibilities caused by additives in the system media.
* Explore materials of construction commonly used in high-pressure water applications.
* Find out how cost impacts your valve material purchase decision.

This helpful resource from Hunt Valve will benefit any plant or maintenance engineer who wants to maximize the performance of his or her industrial valve and overall hydraulic system.

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