Hunt Valve: 5 Steps to Better High-Pressure Water Valve Maintenance

When it comes to managing high-pressure hydraulic systems, downtime is inevitable. But, will it be on your terms, or will it be an unexpected, late-night call alerting you that there’s a problem?

A single component failure within a hydraulic system can lead to a loss of productivity or worse—threaten the safety of workers, the public and the environment. But, if you implement a reliable preventive maintenance program for your high-pressure water valves, you’ll realize many long-term benefits. These include decreased maintenance costs, increased productivity and improved workplace safety.Hunt-Valve-High-Pressure-Water-Valve-Maintenance.png

The industrial valve experts at Hunt Valve know what it takes to design and maintain the ideal high-pressure hydraulic system. To help plant and maintenance engineers fully utilize preventive maintenance programs for high-pressure water valves, they have published a free infographic highlighting the most important areas to address. Download the High-Pressure Water Valve Maintenance Infographic to learn how preventive industrial valve maintenance impacts your overall system’s performance and safeguards your facility’s bottom line.

Hunt Valve’s latest infographic highlights the latest research from five important areas of high-pressure water valve maintenance:

  1. Lack of maintenance: Discover how a lack of industrial valve maintenance is directly related to component and system failure.
  2. Reactive maintenance vs. preventive maintenance: Compare the cost benefits of two types of maintenance programs.
  3. Valve maintenance cost savings: Find out how a 20 percent maintenance effort can result in an 80 percent reduction in machine operating costs.
  4. Downtime: Find out how preventive maintenance significantly reduced downtime for one plant.
  5. Preventive maintenance inspections: Discover how much maintenance manpower should be expended by preventive maintenance inspections.


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