How To Solve Your Descale Valve Unreliable Shifting Issues

Have you noticed a degradation in the surface quality of your steel? Chances are that you have at some point. This is one of the most common issues for all steel engineers who use standard metal seat poppet descale valves. It’s usually due to unreliable shifting of your poppet descale valve.

Traditional Poppet Valves Create Their Own Shifting Issues

flow and grit valve image.pngPoppet descale valves fail to shift when required due to the difficulty of operating tight clearance pilot valves on descale water. Most traditional poppet valves use dirty descale water as the hydraulic media to shift the main valve. But, the dirt, scale, rust and deposits found in typical descale systems reduces the pilot valve’s durability and causes sticking. This results in the failure to shift the main descale valve which leads to poor surface quality. Fixing the problem requires unplanned downtime which causes production delays.

Hunt’s Proportional Poppet Valve Helps Solve This Issue

proportional-poppet-descale-valve.jpgHunt Valve understands the issues that make your job harder. So, we’ve created our Proportional Poppet Valve to eliminate this shifting issue and other typical problems you deal with from other descale valves.

  • Avoid shifting reliability: The Servomotor operated electromechanical actuator is extremely durable and is totally isolated from the dirty descale water which is the root cause of descale pilot sticking and failures.
  • Eliminate water hammer from your system: Program the servomotor opening and closing time and velocity profile to the optimum level that is required.
  • Enjoy longer service life and fewer maintenance costs: Our Proportional Poppet Valve incorporates ultra-durable, cutting edge ceramic materials that last up to three times longer than stellite hardfacing and up to five times longer than hardened stainless steel.
  • Eliminate header prefill control valves, bypass piping and pressure breakdown orifices from your system: The programmable variable stroke and built-in prefill flow holes perform these functions.

We created the Proportional Poppet Valve to save you time, stress and money. Without having to worry about descale valve issues, you can spend your time on being more productive. Contact us or request a quote to see if this valve is the right fit for your plant.

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