How to Solve Your Descale Valve Continuous Prefill Flow Issues

There is a trend in the industry to transition to electro-mechanical actuators from pneumatic actuators. Even before Hunt Valve’s newly acquired Actuator Division, we began implementing electro-mechanical linear actuators to our latest descale valves, the Proportional Poppet Valve and the Mega-Flo C plunger-style valve.

The biggest problems with pneumatic actuators are dirt and moisture in the system which affects the reliability as well as the lack of stroke position control.

The opmega-flo_c_ with prefill.pngtional servomotor-driven linear actuator addresses both problems. This capability provides an integral prefill mode with a full shut-off capability for our plunger style descale valves. The servomotor driven mechanical actuator shifts the plunger to three distinct positions: prefill, off and descale. The new linear actuator design provides precision control, eliminating continuous prefill which wastes energy and excessively cools the strip.

In addition, these linear actuators offer the following benefits:

  • Provides the necessary prefill to prevent water hammer and resulting header damage.
  • Eliminates the maintenance and reliability concerns of operating an external high-pressure solenoid-operated prefill control valve.
  • Relieves safety, maintenance and reliability issues of operating a low-pressure prefill system.
  • Offers flexibility to shut off the prefill flow when not required, thus providing increased flow and pressure available for descaling to the system or a significant energy cost savings if one pump can be shut-down by eliminating all of the continuous prefill lines in the system.
  • Because both use an electrical actuator, it eliminates the moisture and contamination problems associated with pneumatic actuation.

Along with being the only descale valve company to offer state-of-the-art ceramic technology, these linear valves are another way that Hunt Valve is staying ahead of the innovation curve to save you money, time and hassles with your valves. Contact us now to find out how our decades of expertise can design the most efficient solution for you.

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