How to Reduce Your Descale Valve Costs

Preventative Maintenance on and industrial Descale ValveIs focusing on reducing costs from your hydraulic valve one of your 2018 goals? Or, maybe your overall budget was cut this year. Whatever the case, there are ways you can cut costs or save money with your valves.

Preventive Maintenance

If you haven’t launched a preventive maintenance program or process at your plant, now’s the time. The purpose of preventive maintenance is to avoid the costs that come from unscheduled downtime. This includes loss of productivity for longer periods of time and higher repair and/or equipment costs. By scheduling time for routine maintenance, you also keep your equipment running more efficiently on a continual basis. Here are some steps you can take to implement the program.

Check for Leaks

External leaks are obvious and easy to spot…just follow the puddles. But, how often do you check for internal leaks? These aren’t as quick to reveal themselves, so you need to look for indicators like pressure loss, noise in the system, heat build-up, pump running more often, drops in the accumulator level, or continuous flow from the descale nozzle. Internal leaks can quickly cause damage to other areas of the system which can cause bigger issues.

Upgrade Your Descale Valve

This falls under the spend-money-to-save-money category. But, it’s possible your valve could stand to be upgraded. If it’s been a while since you replaced or upgraded your descale valve, there are options available that address many of the issues that cause you to have higher costs associated with your valve. At Hunt Valve, we’ve added a number of cost saving features, including:

  • Electromechanical actuator: Save on repair and maintenance costs as this actuator reduces water hammer, eliminates continual prefill flow, reduces reliability concerns, and can help you reduce the number of valves in your system.
  • Advanced ceramic materials: These materials are harder than steel, incredibly resistant to corrosion and wear, more durable than conventional valve materials extend the service life of the valve by up to five times that that of other descale valves.
  • Updated Housing Liner: Hunt offers the first stainless steel housing liner that can be replaced in your plant instead of having to send it out for repair. You save downtime and the costs of extensive machining and welding.

These are just a few of the ways you can save costs related to your hydraulic valves. Hunt Valve understand the issues you deal with every day and can help make sure your system is set up to run efficiently. Contact us or call 800-321-2757 to find out how we can make your average day run a little smoother or to request a quote.

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