Hunt Valve Offers Custom-Engineered Valve Solutions for Military and Industrial Applications


Custom-engineered valve solutions: Mega-Flo B Descale Figure 1: Hunt Valve’s Mega-Flo B Descale Valve with custom housing to facilitate drop-in replacement of a competitor’s valve design (click to view the high-res image).


Hunt Valve, a fluid power engineering company specializing in severe-duty valves and components, offers custom valve solutions to address unique engineering challenges that off-the-shelf products cannot solve. Custom- engineered valve solutions help plant and maintenance engineers increase efficiency and reduce operational costs in both military and industrial applications.

Hunt Valve has successfully developed the following custom-engineered valve solutions:“Our Experts in Extreme Engineering can create new hydraulic product solutions to fit almost any product or application,” explained Brad Sterner, Hunt Valve’s president and CEO. “First, we perform a complete hydraulic analysis of your system to determine how to meet your new requirements or troubleshoot your existing issues for optimum performance. Then, we identify the most cost-effective, hassle-free solution to your problem.”

Hunt Valve has successfully developed the following custom valve solutions:

  • Descale valves for use in variable speed drive pump descale systems that can withstand excessive fatigue loading and increase energy efficiency without increasing the risk of operational downtime
  • Descale valve housings with flexible outlet flange orientations
  • Pump pressure breakdown orifices modified to fit specific flange-to-flange locations for quick, economical installation
  • Remanufactured rotary joints that were returned to service within two days, resulting in zero downtime

Drop-In Replacements

For valves that require repair or reconditioning, Hunt Valve can engineer a unique design for drop-in replacement—whether the valve was built by Hunt Valve or another manufacturer. The company’s valve experts will engineer and alter the design and dimensions of the new valve to fit the existing piping or match the existing product without expensive field piping changes. For example, Hunt Valve can alter the housing dimensions of its descale valve without impacting the performance of the valve’s removable cartridge assembly, creating a simple, direct drop-in replacement.

To learn more about selecting and maintaining valves that maximize the safety and efficiency of high-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems, visit Hunt Valve’s Fluid Power Engineering Innovations and System Resources page.

About Hunt Valve

Hunt Valve brings decades of fluid power engineering innovations and solutions to a wide range of industrial and military customers. It specializes in severe-duty valves and complementary engineered components and system solutions for applications that include primary metals (steel, aluminum), energy (nuclear, hydro, downstream oil & gas), process (chemical) and U.S. Navy nuclear-powered vessels, including all submarines and carriers in operation as well as the Virginia Class, Ford Class and soon-to-be-in-production Ohio Replacement. To learn more about the Experts in Extreme Engineering, visit

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