Breakthrough Descale Valve Technology: Advanced Ceramic Materials

Hunt Valve is leading the way in innovation in the descale valve industry. It’s newest products, namely the Ceramic Proportional Poppet Valve and the Mega-Flo C Plunger Valve, feature advanced ceramic materials in key components of these valves. The ceramic technology makes these the longest lasting descale valves by a long shot over any other valves (up to five times longer for the poppet valve and up to three times longer for the plunger valve).

Hunt - CERAMIC POPPET PICTURE.jpgIn a recent post, we explained how we researched other industries to see how the ceramic materials are being used. Hunt Valve is the first (and only) descale company to implement these materials for descale valves. But, what makes this materi
al so perfect for this industry?

According to Morgan Advanced Materials, who supplies the ceramic materials that Hunt uses in their valves, these ceramics are:

  • Harder than steel.
  • Virtually unbreakable.
  • Extremely corrosion resistant
  • Extremely wear resistant

These properties lead to a much longer life for the valves than those using stainless steel and other common materials.

Representatives from Morgan also explain that the durability of this ceramic technology provides more stable process control and improved product quality. Unlike metals, these materials don’t wear out when subjected to erosive and corrosive environments.

Why This Matters to You

Why does that fact that Hunt is the only descale valve manufacturer that uses ceramic materials matter to you? As we mentioned above, the ceramic materials make Hunt’s valves the longest lasting available. Not only do you save money from having to replace the valve sooner, you save in maintenance and replacement part costs.

Just as important as the cost savings are the time and hassle savings. Our valves require less maintenance. That’s less downtime (additional cost savings!) and less for you to worry about. You’ve got plenty of things on your plate. With our valves, you’ll have at least one thing less. We even have cartridges to upgrade your current valve if you’re not ready for a full replacement.

Stop wasting time and money on your current valve. The Ceramic Proportional Poppet Valves and Mega-Flo C Descale Valves have a three-year warranty. Click here to request more information about these breakthrough valves or to request a quote.

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