4 Extreme Customized Specialty Hydraulic Cylinders in Action

specialty cylinder.pngWhen it comes to system designs for steel/aluminum plants or nuclear and hydro power generating plants, you’ll need to incorporate hydraulic or specialty cylinders to move loads or to enable movement in specific applications.

While there are standard cylinders available, some applications require special designs due to the nature of the environment or the work it’s required to do. Hunt Valve designs and manufactures custom cylinders for severe and critical applications. 

Below are specific applications that require a specialty cylinder in which Hunt delivers the design to meet their needs.

Steel Production

Specialty cylinders are used for mandrel expansion on hot strip steel mill down coilers. This specific design incorporates a multi-pass rotary joint, integral check valves, corrosion-resistant alloys and ceramic surfacing to decrease wear.

Aluminum Production

What do you do to reduce your scrap and production costs for aluminum billet casting? Hunt designed a DC caster cylinder with an internal anti-rotation device to eliminate the maintenance and scrap cost of externally guided platens.

Nuclear Power Generation

Nuclear power plants use multi-stage telescopic cylinders for handling fuel rods. The cylinder is submerged under water and is used in the fueling of the nuclear reactor. Designing the right solution for the nuclear industry requires adhering to stringent guidelines and standards. Design reliability is also a key factor.

Hydro Power Generation

In order to control the wicket gate that permits water flow to a turbine, Hunt designed cylinders in which the actuation is controlled by a system that uses servo valve positioning to constantly maintain the optimum stroke position. We engineered the design to incorporate integral adjustable stroke limiting devices, pivoting piston rods, limit switches and tranducers.

These are just a few examples of the types of specialty cylinders Hunt has been designing for decades. As Experts in Extreme Engineering, we specialize in creating solutions for harsh environments. Contact us to find out how we can create the right solution for you.

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